Monday, September 12, 2005

Scam Enquiries

Yes we have received emails from a number of owners who say that they think a scammer has sent out an enquiry to many of the owners at the website. Not everyone has received it so I don't know why this person choose some and not others.

Anyway, this is what I wrote in an Alert to all owners today.

The enquiry being made is by a Mr Abraham Hill. Many owners have emailed me to say that they think it is a scam so please, if you have received an email from him, proceed with caution.

So if you ever receive an enquiry that you are not sure about or feel that it could be a scam please do not give out your personal details to that person. Make sure that you take extra measures to check the validity of the enquiry, if possible ring the enquirer up.

Other things to look out for in an enquiry which could indicate a scam:

- Bad english - and I mean really bad not the type used in text messages :-)

- They say apartment when you have a house or house when you have an apartment - indicates that they may not even have checked your property and are just harvesting emails from property websites

- Want to give you more money than your rent actually is - eek, this is so that you have to refund them the difference but after you have done that you will find that the money they paid you bounced

- Often they use biblical names, references or church positions in their emails (i.e. Reverend, God Bless etc) - I assume to try and come across as honest and trustworthy

Unfortunately there is no way we can stop these people from completing the enquiry forms. So please just be extra careful.

Perhaps Mr Abraham Hill is genuine. At first I wasn't too sure that it was a scam until I had owners with properties throughout Florida emailing me about him. So if he really wanted a house wouldn't he know where he wants to stay?

Sarah @ Villas2000