Saturday, August 20, 2005

Welcome & First Post

We gave in and joined the world of bloggers today. We often have something to say :-) but had nowhere to post it - now we do.

Those of you who already know who Villas2000 are don't need to read this next part.

Those of you who don't - well we are an online directory of Florida vacation rentals. We have over 1000 vacation properties listed at our website

The purpose of this blog is to let our subcribers know of our website news, updates or general comments regarding what is happening in the Florida vacation rental market at the moment.

We will also use the blog to let villa owners know of any scam enquiries doing the rounds - you know the type, the people who want to pay more rent for your property and then ask for you to refund the difference etc.....

And we may just post a rant, observation, or just plain opinion on anything at all :-)

We'll try to get back to the blog on a weekly basis and hope you all enjoy what you find.

Bye for now.